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Digital encryption & signature based middleware for financial applications


  • Fully automated at client & server, or manual options available
  • Configurable through a friendly UI simple and quick configuration, and configurations protected by restricted user / passwords.
  • Audit trail logs to trace activity.
  • Seamlessly integrated with X.509 digital certificate technology, to provide legally acceptable document authentication.
  • .NET & Java API available for tighter integration with existing software applications
  • Works with MS-Outlook (for email transport) or standard FTP protocol.
  • Secure bulk processing of settlement / instructions
  • Data interface with other back office applications
  • Digitally signed / encrypted data exchange
  • Supports multiple signatories
  • FAST - up to ONE LAKH instruction processing per day
  • Automated notifications Email & response files
  • Centrally accessible repository
  • Compliance auditing


  • .NET