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Smart CPS

Smart CPS

If your organization regularly spends time, energy and money on creating, printing & distributing cheque payments across the country, Winsoft SmartCPS will help you significantly to streamline that operation & save your money!


  • Intranet Module for branch access.
  • Facility for Cheque Printing and Cheque Reprinting.
  • Export after confirmation in Core Banking formats.
  • Entire file will be rejected in case of any validation failure.
  • Multiple Cheque upload formats for a customer for each product Internet based Corporate Interface for data uploading with User Login & Access Rights Control.
  • After authorization data will be available for printing at the specified print locations.
  • Facility to mark the cheque as Wastage or Unused or confirmed after proper printing.
  • Stationary Inventory Management for Branch [Procurement - Distribution – Receipt - Stock Cutting – Reversal].
  • Stationary Inventory Management for Corporate [Procurement - Distribution – Receipt - Stock
  • Data file uploading available with both with signing and without signing versions.
  • Central office printing-reprinting-confirmation, freeze – unfreezing printing, printing relocations are some of the features of corporate printing./li>
  • Data can be grouped print location wise & printed at the branches (Available with Bank Branches Option)
  • Central Admin Reports and audit trail reports..
  • Printing available through Internet for Corporate.
  • Allows both bank / bank branch site and corporate / corporate branch site
  • Both MICR and NON MICR printing supported
  • Bank side version is integrated with ADS services for authentication
  • Corporate side version is integrated with Single Sign On services of bank
  • Flexible Upload File Format Definition (Excel, CSV and Text)
  • Supports both Flat and Header / Child format for upload (i.e. multiple payment entry on single advice up to 15 number)
  • Flexible Advice Format Definition – Supports Tabular Format Advices
  • Complete Inventory Management with Wastage Marking
  • Liquidation File Upload for tracking clearing of instruments
  • Day End Summary mail send directly customer
  • Supports both Bank and Corporate side Inventory Module.
  • Already integrated with Finacle and iFlex.


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  • Microsoft .NET
  • Web-browser based interface Reprinting.
  • Oracle 10g or 11g
Software Requirements:
  • Microsoft IIS - Web Server 5.0 and above
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework 1.1
  • Microsoft Oracle 9i / 10g
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003 Advance Server
  • Seagate Crystal Report 9.0 with latest Service Pack
  • MDAC 6.0 or above
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 on client machines with ActiveX enabled
Hardware Requirements:
  • Intel based web server
  • Intel based Oracle database server
Technologies Used:
  • Active Server Pages [ASP] [Corporate Interface – Presentation layer]
  • VB.NET [Corporate Interface – BusinessLogic layer]
  • ASP.Net 3.5 [Branch Interface – Presentation + BusinessLogic layer] with DotNet remoting.
  • Oracle 9i / 10g