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Goal based Calculators


  • STP
    • Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) Calculator allows the customer to make a lump sum investment in a money-market or a debt oriented Mutual Fund Scheme (Source Scheme) and subsequently transfer partial amounts to any equity oriented Mutual Fund Scheme (Destination Scheme) at regular intervals.
    • This way the money continues to earn while it waits to be fully deployed in the equity scheme of choice.
    • The customer can choose from three frequencies (weekly, monthly and quarterly) to transfer investments from one scheme to another.
    • The STP Calculator helps to compute the final returns on the mutual fund investment taking into consideration a systematic transfer from a money market / debt oriented scheme to an equity fund.
  • SIP
    • Systematic Investment Plan Calculator is a utility, which will show the performance of scheme over period for systematic investments done.
    • This utility will be interfaced with existing web-site.
    • In addition of displaying the Systematic Investment Plan Results it will also show the customer his Return on Investment (CAGR), Performance Charts and Average Price Chart.


  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • Database - Oracle 11g
  • AJAX
  • Crystal Reports for Web