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Smart Logisitics

It's a Cash & Cheque Logistics Management System. Many banks today provide a cash & cheque pick-up service to the corporate customers. The logistical service of actual physical pick-up is usually outsourced to specialized service providers (vendors.) The bank charges a fee to its corporate customer for this service, and in turn gets billed by its logistics vendor for services rendered. There is a need to automate the entire process of pickup tracking, customer and vendor fee management, as well as billing and reconciliation for both the vendor and the customer. Winsoft’s Cash & Cheque Logistics Management System for Banks is a software solution to automate this entire process.


  • Provide orderly user access to the software system and track their activity.
  • Store and process daily logistical pickup information.
  • Implement authorization workflow.
  • Generate bills for vendors and customers.
  • Reconcile vendor bills.
  • Generate MIS reports and maintain audit trail.
  • Define bank topology – users, roles, privileges, hierarchy & role-operation mapping.
  • Master Data maintenance – vendor, customer, branch, pickup locations, fees/charges, pickup details etc.
  • Operations – customer pickup (initiate/discontinue), vendor pickup data storage, authorization of activities completed.
  • Pickup analysis – for e.g. automated daily missed pickup analysis.
  • Billing & Reconciliation – vendor bill generation and bill reconciliation – using multiple auto-match and manual match criteria.
  • Integration with legacy systems of the Bank.


  • Web-based application
  • J2EE (JAVA) Server, Spring Framework
  • JQuery based rich web-browser user interface
  • Oracle 11+ high performance Database


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