Seamless Wealth Management Enabled By Winsoft Technologies

Technology has advanced enormously in recent years, allowing for innovative solutions that have fundamentally altered the way various industries operate. The wealth management industry is at the forefront in a long line of industries to adapt to and evolve using cutting-edge technological solutions. The days of asset managers and financial advisors spending hours poring over spreadsheets and analysis may be over.

Digital payments are being adopted on a larger scale after research showed 48 billion digital transactions in the year 2020.

For all of us, the past year has been a period of considerable uncertainty. Existing pressures such as evolving consumer expectations, more competition, ongoing regulatory changes, rising expenses, and squeezed profit margins has just been exacerbated due to the pandemic. Enterprising enterprises, on the other hand, are in a great position to capitalize on their strengths, adapt to industrial and social changes, reduce their cost base, and expand market share if they are supported by the correct technology foundation.

The entire financial landscape now shows promise of simpler solutions for complex fiscal difficulties, thanks to this beneficial growth in the wealth management sector. As an investor, you now have access to an environment that allows you to make use of cutting-edge technology to better manage your capital.

What Has Changed Because Of Technology?

So, how can traditional businesses deal with all of these pressures? Organizations that are willing to adapt will benefit greatly from changing market conditions. Customer loyalty and success in wealth management are built on good customer connections and trust in the company’s skills, all of which are backed up by a flawless customer experience.

Customers’ expectations for the online experience have risen as a result of increased digital literacy across all generations. Customer has increased demand for information and services that are always available, accessible from a variety of devices, and have a uniform look and feel across all touch points.

Due to the pandemic’s limits on our normal behaviour, current tendencies have intensified. Customers today expect the same slick digital experience from all providers, including wealth managers, thanks to the same experience provided by other businesses. According to a Salesforce study, 62% of buyers say their interactions with one industry influence their expectations of others.

These expectations, combined with the ease with which consumers may investigate financial products and services online, have resulted in a decrease in long-term brand loyalty. Customers are now more likely to transfer providers if they are dissatisfied with the service provided by one.

Wealth managers are well-positioned to construct customer-centric operational models that place users at the centre of decision-making to satisfy the increasing demands of the market, customers, and regulators by building on their existing relationships.

Investing in new IT infrastructure may help organisations remain competitive, manage risk, and maintain data security while also lowering costs and increase operational efficiencies.

Technology has also helped in incorporating personalization in wealth management. It allows a deeper understanding of your financial habits and provides customizations accordingly.

Digital wealth management solutions with “Do it yourself portals” that are well-designed are already gaining traction. Wealth management portals that are well integrated with global investment channels take full advantage of data analytics, reporting, and dashboards which assist both wealth managers and investors in evaluating all of the options available to them and making the best wealth management decisions possible.

Complete Wealth Management Suite By Winsoft Technologies

The Wealth Management solution from Winsoft Technologies is a multi-module, integrated platform that allows you to provide best-in-class financial investment to all of your clients. SmartWealth, SmartMutual, and SmartSGB are part of the Wealth Management suite of applications.

These solutions are web enabled and are developed with the most up-to-date technologies. The technology employed allows for the whole process of paperless client onboarding along with dashboard of investment.

Here is the brief about solutions provided by Winsoft Technologies for wealth management.


It is an end-to-end Wealth Management Software solution that works with a variety of asset classes such as mutual funds, Bonds, SGB, fixed income/debts/NCDs and alternative products such as PMS, AIF, SP and so on. It has completely integrated back office, front office, and customer interface modules.


It is the most popular mutual fund business solution being used by mid-sized distributors to large distributors including India’s top MF distributors. It has a back office module for central operations, a Sales/RM interface for branch operations, and a customer interface.


It is an end-to-end processing module for requests of Sovereign Gold Bonds starting from digital onboarding of clients to bond purchase, redemption and cancellation of investment. Flexible and intuitive user interface with API based framework for easy integration with digital channels like the Internet and mobile phones.

To know more about the advanced solutions for wealth management connect with us today!


Growth prospect of Indian Fintech Market

Technology has changed the way we look at everything; be its listening to songs of our choice to make any investment decision for achieving our financial goals. Technologies have changed the face of the BFSI industry. Due to the pandemic, and various restrictions multitudes of banks and FIs are modernizing and improvising their infrastructure to support digital banking. The digital capability of facilitating smooth customer on-boarding including KYC, lending, sales automation, and many other services has been of immense use for banking and FIs service providers to offer seamless services to their customers.

There has been a massive rise in the Fintech investments in India as compared to before covid days. 33 new unicorns have emerged since the beginning of 2021 and as per this rate, India will manage to get more than 100 unicorns by 2022. Start-ups have been started offering innovative technologies to reduce the asymmetry of information between financial institutions and investors. Fintech SaaS and Insurance technology entities witnessed total investments of 145 million US Dollars and 215 million US Dollars in the year 2020 respectively. If we check today, India has more than 50 Fintech entities whose total valuation would be more than 100 million dollars.

The GoI’s BharatNet mission is driving internet penetration across remote regions paving the way for technology-driven BFSI services amongst them. The technological marvel of UPI has further reduced the cost of transactions as well as the turnaround time for any transaction. India also witnessed a surge in biometric transactions driven by AePS i.e Aadhaar-enabled Payment System amongst remote regions. These transactions are currently to the tune of over 200 million every month.

Retail investors in Tier II and Tier III cities have begun to tap advanced investment products such as Mutual Funds and Direct Equity. NSE has seen a steady growth of 11% CAGR in its investor category over the decade to reach to 2.78 crores. On the other hand, there are about 4.58 crores BSE investors at present, a figure that has grown by 26% in the past year. This is mainly because of investment done through trading applications as well as Robo- Advisory investment engines that give personalized investment advices using data analytical tools and Artificial Intelligence to interpret the data for precise and accurate results.

AI (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning)

Technologies like AI and ML has successfully helped banking and financial service providers to provide frictionless and innovative banking solutions. AI’s optical character recognition (OCR) enables auto-filling user details from their document proofs during the customer onboarding process. The tools used in AI and ML are excellent in preventing fraud at the same time offering automated product recommendations to the customers.

Financial APIs

Financial APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are one of the most important technologies used extensively in digital banking. API enables the companies to open up their application data and functionality to external third-party developers, business partners, and internal departments within their companies to connect with the application and allow interactions, transactions, payments, and sharing of information happen. It takes care of operations like KYC, the credit assessment, retrieving information while filling out forms, e-sign, and so on. There are certain specific open APIs that allow third-party vendors to access consumer accounts, known as open banking.

Currently Winsoft is using API based technology in its applications like SmartWealth, SmartMutual, SmartNPS & SmartASBA for exposing and consuming different set of APIs to execute various tasks digitally.

Cloud technologies

Customer on-boarding rates have increased on account of digital banking. But with a growing number of customers there also comes an increased amount of data. Cloud technology is thus an optimal way to store, organize, and retrieve data as and when needed at the same time build essential statistics. Banks and FIs use Cloud based technology to build smarter marketing and sales strategies to serve their customers better and cross-sell relevant products to them.

Winsoft has been using Cloud Technologies for a very long. It is been implemented in our SmartMutual, SmartWealth, SmartNPS & SmartASBA applications.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) use the intelligent automation to drive efficiency, remove repetitions, and improve customer satisfaction by providing fast and efficient services in the BFSI industry. RPA is transforming the way banks can operate improving the other parameters such as cost-reduction, accuracy, compliance and operational efficiency.

Winsoft is currently in the process of launching solutions to implement RPA for various processes.


National Pension Scheme – Live Your Dream Retirement Life!

Are you looking for a scheme that will take care of your financial needs after you retire?
If you are, then the National Pension Scheme by the Government of India is your answer!
One of the most popular ways of securing your retirement period is the National Pension Scheme. Let us understand everything about NPS and how Winsoft Technologies’ Smart NPS can help financial product distributors (NPS POP) to deliver it to their customers.

What is National Pension Scheme a.k.a NPS?

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is the government of India’s program that aims to grant retirement advantages to any or all Indian residents, together with those within the unorganized sector. NPS is a voluntary contribution program that is market-linked and managed by skilled fund managers. It is regulated and administered by the PFRDA or Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority under the PFRDA Act, 2013.
Individual subscribers’ contributions to the National Pensions Scheme are added until retirement, and the corpus grows through market-linked returns. It is an attempt towards a sustainable solution to the problem of providing adequate retirement income to every citizen of India

At least 40% of the contribution is used to acquire a lifetime pension via the purchase of an annuity at retirement. The remaining payments are paid in one lump sum to the subscriber.

Benefits of NPS

Every National Pension System (NPS) subscriber is assigned a Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN), which is unique for each. The Government of India has made the program secure and has offered several appealing perks to NPS account holders to encourage savings.

The Following Are Some Of The Advantages Of Having An NPS Account:

Carefully Regulated: NPS is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority, with transparent investment norms & regular monitoring and performance review of fund managers by NPS Trust

No Compulsion: It is a voluntary scheme open to all Indian nationals. In your NPS account, you can pay any amount at any time.

Compliant To Your Needs: You have the freedom to choose or change your POP (Point of Presence), investing pattern, and fund manager. This allows you to optimize returns based on your comfort level with various asset classes (equity, corporate bonds, government securities, and alternative assets) and fund managers.

Fits Into Your Budget: NPS is one of the most cost-effective investment options accessible. The starting amount of investment is lesser than many investment schemes.

Portability: One of the best features of an NPS account is even if you change your work, city, or state, your NPS account or PRAN will remain the same.

Switch To NPS: You can shift your superannuation funds to your NPS account without incurring any tax consequences. This is possible after receiving consent from the appropriate authorities.

Tax Benefits: Through NPS you can avail many tax benefits and exemptions.

How Can Winsoft’s Smart NPS Simplify The Process for POP?

Smart NPS is a product from Winsoft Technologies which is meant for NPS POP’s (Point of Presence i.e. NPS Distributors). It ensure ease in front-office and back-office operations automation for the National Pension Scheme product distribution and management. It not only ensures ease but also eliminates the tedious and time-consuming paperwork.

Just to give glimpse of Smart NPS capability:

  • Manages PRAN registration & generation processes
  • Covers Corporate registrations & Contributions
  • Manages online and offline requests of NPS Subscription & Contribution
  • Digital file generation for NSDL(National Securities Depository Limited ) & Kfintech CRA
  • Consumable APIs available to Integrate with Third Party Application (Mobile Apps)
  • Business MIS & Regulatory Reports as required by PFRDA

Winsoft Technologies Has Redefined Financial Services!

Established in 1993, Winsoft Technologies has been offering unique technology-based products and services to the financial services industry. It focuses on niche sets of products including Wealth Management and Financial Product distribution solutions.

With 150+ specialists and 28 years of track record with esteemed customers, Winsoft Technologies is a trustworthy name in the industry.

It is creating a benchmark every day with its advanced products. The combination of technical expertise with subject matter expertise in financial product distribution is what sets them apart. The company has a strong financial performance and has been moving forward in direction of growth and expansion.

Let Winsoft help you deliver and manage financial products with ease!