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Smart PCP

Most of the offerings by banks to large corporate customers are built around current accounts (CA). Typically, a Bank endeavors to offer customized services for these current account (CA) products at different levels i.e branch level, circle level and at the corporate office (CO) with an authorization (maker/checker) mechanism for approval/rejection/recommendation actions initiated at different levels. At the CO level, there is also a need to have a ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)’ done for each such product customization projected over a certain duration, to understand its impact on the bank’s Top-line & Bottom-line. Finally, transmission of such product customizations to the bank’s core-banking system should be relatively seamless. Winsoft’s Smart PCP is an enterprise-wide software solution that encompasses this entire process.


  • Configures existing bank topology – users, roles, branches, hierarchy and integrates with active directory.
  • Highly dynamic and robust product builder – to define and customize individual product parameters.
    1. Configure role / product / customer segment based Delegation of power (DOP).
    2. Create dynamic request acquisition form – UI controls, validations, configuration of hide/show fields based on role/ location, real-time field-level integration with external systems, configure derived fields based on a variety of other fields.
    3. Expression builder – You can define complex logic and formulas using simple language similar to excel macros.
    4. Simulation for testing products. Modeling and Scenario Analysis are critical to pricing optimization. Smart PCP allows product manager to test the product with sample data before actually launching the product.
    5. Ability to publish/block products based on complex criteria like location, dates/periods.
  • Logic builder – custom product rules with advanced math expressions for accurate financial modeling (profit/loss calc).
  • Request acquisition – product customization request by both intranet (Bank branches) and Internet (direct request by corporate customer).
    1. Rich desktop like user interface which is customizable through product builder.
    2. Real-time integration with finacle and TBMS to pull live customer data (to help in decision making).
    3. Validations and rules defined in product builder by product manager get executed in real-time during request acquisition flow.
    4. Discussion board - All offline communication/chat/discussion can now happen using this feature and can be tracked and retrieved later.
  • Single click feature: To view profit/loss of any deal’s to avoid loss due to user’s mistakes.
  • 360 Degree customer relationship view: The 360-degree customer view facilitates an easy and total view of the customer details and reduces customer service complexities.
  • Charge reversal: Automates and tracks the charge reversal activity.
  • Workflow Engine – define complex business rules for each product (such as multi-tiered approvals, joint approvals, configure event-based emails trigger).
  • Emailer - Configurable and automated email engine including scheduler – auto generates acks, letters, and notifications.
  • Audit Trails - customizable to suit bank audit requirements.
  • Reporting - canned reports and report builder.


  • Web-based application
  • J2EE (JAVA) Server, Spring Framework
  • JQuery based rich web-browser user interface
  • Oracle 11+ high performance Database


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