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Smart Transact

Smart Transact
  • IMEI number
  • Lightweight J2EE spring framework implementation
  • Auditing


Key Features of Smart Transact:
  • Easy to integrate with the existing applications.
  • The system supports all mobile types and operators and can be used by a simple download of the application on one's mobile handset.
  • Local data caching design to optimize GPRS network bandwidth.
  • Modular architecture allows rapid developing & plugin of business offering to end customers.
  • Rich User-Interface with lightweight footprint.


Client Side
  • Smart Transact works through synchronous communication over GPRS system and uses the Java mobile platform
  • J2ME technolgy framework (MIDP devices - both GSM and CDMA tested)
  • LDAP base authentication
  • HTTPS between client and server
The Mobile Server Platforms
  • MVC Architecture
  • SOA based design, to add newer financial product services support rapidly
  • SSL certificate on mobile server
  • IP base security