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Smart ASBA

Smart ASBA is a complete IPO (Initial Public Offering) applications processing platform for banks - catering to IPO, Rights Issue, NFO and Debt/NCD products. Smart ASBA enables a bank process high volume IPO applications right up to the final allotment of shares.


  • Designed to cater large volumes, Application security (App Sec) compliant.
  • Web responsive UI to support desktop browsers as well as Mobile browsers customizable.
  • Stringent business validations.
  • Support for bulk imports of Application Requests.
  • Online PAN verification, DP client ID verification.
  • NSE application bidding API, Lien marking and Lien removal.
  • Maker-Checker support for all masters and Transaction processing screen.
  • Compliance reports.


  • Web-based application
  • J2EE (JAVA) Server, Spring Framework
  • JQuery based rich web-browser user interface
  • Oracle 11+ high performance Database


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