Smart Calc

Digitization of Mutual Fund business to enable Financial Distributors manage, grow & service their clients

Banks & financial institutions are automating to scale mutual fund distribution business with ease, accuracy and reduced TCO

Onboarding of customers is moving from costly paper trails to digitized solution.

Multiple digital channels :Invest through customer portal, handheld devices, Call center, RM assisted channels

MIS reports & dashboards helps advisors to enhance productivity

Accurate software driven reconciliation of income calculation with RTA data means distributors can plug revenue leakage

Here is Smart Mutual to
sail you through challenges

Winsoft Technologies Customer Portal

Customer Portal

advisor rm portal

Advisor/RM portal

operation portal

Operations Portal

Business MIS

Business MIS


Integrated Smart Mutual Suite/solution

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

  • Instant digital onboarding of customer with eKYC & risk profiling
  • Comprehensive portfolio dashboard
  • Instant digital goal planning & tracking
  • Instant Digital Transaction(Lumpsum & Systematic) execution
  • (Performance) Analytics & alerts
  • Digital Non-financial transaction execution
  • Support for handheld devices/Responsive Designs
  • Call center assisted transaction execution & queries
  • Cart facility

Advisor/RM portal

  • Comprehensive RM/Advisor dashboard
  • Comprehensive customer portfolio with analytics
  • Comprehensive RM/Advisor reports
  • RM assisted customer onboarding
  • RM assisted re-risk profiling
  • RM assisted transaction execution
  • RM assisted scheduling of reports/alerts
  • Prospect & campaign management
  • RM targets & incentive management
Advisor RM portal
Operations Portal

Operations Portal

  • Operations Portal
  • Integration with various data service providers
  • Integration with existing core systems
  • Rule based revenue calculation (Upfront, Annualized, Trail, Incentive & Claw-back)
  • Automated revenue reconciliation process
  • Seamless order processing via interfacing to RTA & BSE Star
  • Customer Portfolio Returns Calculation
  • RTA Interface for reverse feeds (Transaction, NAV & income)
  • Comprehensive/customizable report module
  • Integration with Document Management System

Business MIS

  • Asset Under Management Reports
  • Mobilization report
  • Income Reports
  • Active Systematic reports
  • YTD, MTD business reports
  • Zone wise business reports
Business MIS


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Global banks and financial institutions

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Global banks and financial institutions

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Global banks and financial institutions

Winsoft Technologies Wealth Management Benefits

Seamless interface integrates with core banking and 3rd party systems

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Cross-sell and up-sell products and services easily

Increase opportunities for revenue generation


Enhance advisor productivity


Best in class revenue calculation

Minimize TCO (total cost of ownership)

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