Smart Payout

Experience the Automation of Brokerage Payout Reconciliation with our Advanced Digital Solution

Calculation of payout based on RTA data

Automated scheduler-based data synchronization mechanism for RTA data

RTA payout reconciliation with accuracy of more than 98%

Supports over 100 Crore Records of very High-Volume data

Max 3 days TAT for processing and reconciliation

Win over your challenges with SmartPayout

SmartPayout is an automated Brokerage Payout Reconciliation Solution for Asset Management Companies, ensuring reconciliation at transaction level for their distributors. Solution handles brokerage Payout across different broker categories and commission types. This on-premise/cloud hosted solution offers various reports such as brokerage payout, broker category wise, reconciliation reports.


smart payout key features

Key Features

  • Transaction level Brokerage Payout calculation and reconciliation
  • Financial Benefit: Excess payout can be avoided by ensuring reconciliation of all transactions across brokers
  • Handles cases of Change of Broker and Transfer of AUM
  • AUM Calculation and reconciliation of Folio scheme-level across distributors
  • Reconciliation based on regulatory, statutory and business rules
    • Calculations are directly performed on RTA Data and no customer sensitive data is shared.
  • Reconciliation Reports – Brokerage mismatch cases highlighted with reasons
  • Customized report/ MIS: Facility to separately extract lump sum and systematic reports
  • Dashboards as per business requirement
  • Rate definition available on:
    • Base Rate
    • Broker Level
    • Category Level
    • Scheme Level
    • Transaction Type Level
    • Transaction Level

Supported Brokerage Types

  • Annualized
  • Long Term Trail Fee
  • Additional Annualized
  • Additional Incentive
  • Additional trail
  • B30 Annual
  • Contest Trail
  • Distribution Incentive
  • SIP Add Annual
  • SIP Distribution incentive Annualized
  • SIP Distribution incentive Trail
  • SIP Special Incentives Annualized
  • Special Incentive
  • Upfront
Smart payout brokerage handle


Easy navigate

Financial Benefit by controlling the Excess Payout

adaptibility lms

Transaction level brokerage reconciliation

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Handles All Types of Brokerages

operational effeciency lms

Improved Operational Efficiency

regulatory guidence

Ease of Adaptation

common screen

Intuitive User Interface

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