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Technology has advanced enormously in recent years, allowing for innovative solutions that have fundamentally altered the way various industries operate. The wealth management industry is at the forefront in a long line of industries to adapt to and evolve using cutting-edge technological solutions. The days of asset managers and financial advisors spending hours poring over spreadsheets and analysis may be over.

Digital payments are being adopted on a larger scale after research showed 48 billion digital transactions in the year 2020.

For all of us, the past year has been a period of considerable uncertainty. Existing pressures such as evolving consumer expectations, more competition, ongoing regulatory changes, rising expenses, and squeezed profit margins has just been exacerbated due to the pandemic. Enterprising enterprises, on the other hand, are in a great position to capitalize on their strengths, adapt to industrial and social changes, reduce their cost base, and expand market share if they are supported by the correct technology foundation.

The entire financial landscape now shows promise of simpler solutions for complex fiscal difficulties, thanks to this beneficial growth in the wealth management sector. As an investor, you now have access to an environment that allows you to make use of cutting-edge technology to better manage your capital.

What Has Changed Because Of Technology?

So, how can traditional businesses deal with all of these pressures? Organizations that are willing to adapt will benefit greatly from changing market conditions. Customer loyalty and success in wealth management are built on good customer connections and trust in the company’s skills, all of which are backed up by a flawless customer experience.

Customers’ expectations for the online experience have risen as a result of increased digital literacy across all generations. Customer has increased demand for information and services that are always available, accessible from a variety of devices, and have a uniform look and feel across all touch points.

Due to the pandemic’s limits on our normal behaviour, current tendencies have intensified. Customers today expect the same slick digital experience from all providers, including wealth managers, thanks to the same experience provided by other businesses. According to a Salesforce study, 62% of buyers say their interactions with one industry influence their expectations of others.

These expectations, combined with the ease with which consumers may investigate financial products and services online, have resulted in a decrease in long-term brand loyalty. Customers are now more likely to transfer providers if they are dissatisfied with the service provided by one.

Wealth managers are well-positioned to construct customer-centric operational models that place users at the centre of decision-making to satisfy the increasing demands of the market, customers, and regulators by building on their existing relationships.

Investing in new IT infrastructure may help organisations remain competitive, manage risk, and maintain data security while also lowering costs and increase operational efficiencies.

Technology has also helped in incorporating personalization in wealth management. It allows a deeper understanding of your financial habits and provides customizations accordingly.

Digital wealth management solutions with “Do it yourself portals” that are well-designed are already gaining traction. Wealth management portals that are well integrated with global investment channels take full advantage of data analytics, reporting, and dashboards which assist both wealth managers and investors in evaluating all of the options available to them and making the best wealth management decisions possible.

Complete Wealth Management Suite By Winsoft Technologies

The Wealth Management solution from Winsoft Technologies is a multi-module, integrated platform that allows you to provide best-in-class financial investment to all of your clients. SmartWealth, SmartMutual, and SmartSGB are part of the Wealth Management suite of applications.

These solutions are web enabled and are developed with the most up-to-date technologies. The technology employed allows for the whole process of paperless client onboarding along with dashboard of investment.

Here is the brief about solutions provided by Winsoft Technologies for wealth management.


It is an end-to-end Wealth Management Software solution that works with a variety of asset classes such as mutual funds, Bonds, SGB, fixed income/debts/NCDs and alternative products such as PMS, AIF, SP and so on. It has completely integrated back office, front office, and customer interface modules.


It is the most popular mutual fund business solution being used by mid-sized distributors to large distributors including India’s top MF distributors. It has a back office module for central operations, a Sales/RM interface for branch operations, and a customer interface.


It is an end-to-end processing module for requests of Sovereign Gold Bonds starting from digital onboarding of clients to bond purchase, redemption and cancellation of investment. Flexible and intuitive user interface with API based framework for easy integration with digital channels like the Internet and mobile phones.

To know more about the advanced solutions for wealth management connect with us today!

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