Top 5 Emerging Wealth Management Trends 2022!

In the last few years, the wealth management industry has witnessed a paradigm shift i.e., millennial’s participating in the wealth wagon, changing customer expectations, and most importantly digitalization. Additionally, the equity market went to new heights in 2021, alluring first-time investors; approx. 14.3 million new Demat account opening in 2021 validates the wealth management soaring highs.


With that said the new- age investors are more informed and tech-savvy along with having access to the pool of knowledge and expertise. They plan their finances, think differently, and act with different attitudes as compared to old investors. So, wealth management firms need to amplify their digital transformation journey along with paying equal heed to cybersecurity, digital currency, customer-centric approach, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to give its customer a superior experience.

Let’s delve deeper to know top wealth tech trends 2022 to watch out.

  • Digital Assets

    Cryptocurrency alias digital currency since its launch has become widely popular among the millennial generation and their preferred form of investment. First official cryptocurrency – Bitcoin has reached a record new height of $69000 with other coins such as Ripple and Doge witnessing the surge in popularity. Countries around the globe are slowly accepting and adapting to this digital asset. Plus, there has been an upward trend in CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies). So, this wealth tech trend is here to stay! Wealth management firm needs to provide innovative ways to the customer for crypto investment, by leveraging the power of Blockchains.

  • Virtual Advisory Tools

    Indisputably, with each passing day, we are persistently moving towards the path of being digital. Experiencing it every day in the shape of remote access, online shopping, watching entertainment content, or even taking doctor’s assistance virtually with telemedicine are some of the perfect examples. To put it simply: every aspect of our lives can be readily overseen digitally or virtually today. All thanks to the incessant progression in technology that has played a significant role in making this world a better place to thrive.In continuation; since our dependency on digital or virtual assistance is immensely soaring, including financial life in the same list is not wrong. The explosive growth of fintech has led to the emergence of an eclectic range of exciting technologies. Their ultimate aim is to enhance the existing ways of delivering services by embracing the strategy of automation. All this is done with the succoring of virtual advisory tools that have been in a trend ever since their virtues came into lime-light. From banking to mortgages to insurance, digital technology has ensured a seamless experience between financial advisors and their clients. The volume of solace this approach provides is worth applauding. Investors are highly persuaded by the concept of remote technologies. That’s why; they prefer engaging with a live financial advisor virtually while sitting at the convenience of their households.

  • API Deployment

    To many APIs may appear as a broad term about which they might have heard at some part of their lives. However, it’s deeper deets they might not be wary of.Throwing light on this modality; an API sets the path for two divergent technology applications to communicate to each other and furnishes the provision of data sharing. This abets to better the overall user experience and value of both.

    One of the ultimate benefits of API is; by integrating this methodology, financial advisors get empowered to subsume data from additional client accounts into several prevailing financial planning portals. From here, the professionals could communicate with clients effectively to better their experience.

  • Customer-Centric Technology Approach

    Any sort of technology implemented should fundamentally focus on delivering a superior customer experience. Irrespective of the industry, a similar approach is the imperative need of the hour. The same is applicable in wealth management also. If your patrons are getting impeccable services, they won’t hesitate to throw open their wallets in the future too. In the case of dilapidated services, the clients have several options to choose from.


    This is why; the rapid and ongoing digitalization has helped in the development of several strategies with an aim to personalize client experience. The previous old-school approaches of in-person assistance by financial advisors have seen a relentless decline. What’s more, contemporarily more and more people are realizing the virtues of seeking online help. Many of them have their individual social media accounts. They don’t mind posting their queries through these online channels. Therefore, wealth management companies should look to invest in employing digital marketing strategies for an effective customer-centric technology approach.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and AI

    When it comes to IoT, it principally describes the vast universe of embedded sensors that help in efficacious communication between consumers and companies through the internet. Its vogue has seen a climb in the last few years, especially in the wealth management sector.To comprehend the inside deets on how IoT and AI are beneficial in wealth management; these modalities enable enterprises to analyze client and market data to envision specific patterns. As an instance, analytics engines could examine a client’s bank account transactions in detail. Based on this, real-time automated advice could be furnished to the user. The detailed information fetched would be highly advantageous for the patron to avail better financial planning services.


Technology will continue to influence the wealth management industry in the coming years. The only prerequisite for a wealth manager to strive for success is accelerating their technological transformations, shifting the load to wealth tech providers. However, despite the aforementioned trends, exceptional customer experience will remain the battleground for Wealth Management firms.

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