Working with Winsoft has been an overwhelming journey. Climbing the ladder of success from Business Development Manager to Associate Vice President has been a great feeling and learning experience for me.

Eight long years of association with the company and contributing to its development have strengthened the bond and helped me rise!

The high quality of work, pleasant working environment, and numerous learning possibilities have motivated me to associate with Winsoft.

It gives me immense pleasure to associate with Winsoft for the past 7 years. It has been a fantastic place for me to learn, and grow with the organization. It’s always been a happening place for conceptualizing a new product or kicking off a new challenging project, after all, everything is to provide the right solutions to its customers whenever they are in need.

Above all, I appreciate the mentorship and valuable ideas and insight from our directors, which is a blessing that very few people experience.

Winsoft has given me a great opportunity in 17 years. In these years, I was able to create and put fresh concepts into practice. At Winsoft, I had the opportunity to work in various roles and develop professionally and personally.

I would like to thank directors for always bestowing guidance and mentorship.

Winsoft has given me a great opportunity to grow from web designer to Project manager in 16-year journey. Here I got the opportunity to innovate and implement new ideas. Winsoft gave me the chance to work on different technologies, which helped me technically advance in my profession.

I had the chance to interact with a variety of clients, both Indian and international, while working on various projects. And not to forget the special bonding and good relationship created with the teammates over these years.

Winsoft has given me a great opportunity in 18 years to grow from an Application Support Executive to a Mutual Fund domain expert and now a Project Delivery Manager. I have been working with the best players in BFSI industry and executed many challenging projects throughout my journey. At Winsoft I got opportunity to explore multiple skills and grow professionally and personally. For me Winsoft is a synonym for Opportunity.

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